ChatGPT capabilities without ethical drawbacks for legal professionals

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Get accurate and explainable legal information, empower your clients, enhance ideation

Legal Reasoning

The legal chatbots have full access to the relevant legislations and are capable of reasoning over them accurately and transparently

Client Communication

The legal chatbots can communicate with your clients in order to obtain information and facts and summarize the information for your experts

Understand Your Data

All informations and facts are cataloged in a fully anonymized way, allowing you to analyze and understand your data at any time

Learn about Legal Chatbots

Frequently Asked Questions

Enidia AI is using an AI called automated legal reasoning for asking questions and computing legal advice. This type of AI is used in the most critical systems, such as nuclear reactors and train scheduling systems.

The process Enidia AI is using for computing a legal advice generates all the details, to the smallest comment. The method is so rigorous that it is used to correct mathematical proofs.

Enidia AI is using legal interpretations validated by legal professionals. You can always use our visualization tools to verify the interpretation.

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  • We customize the chatbot to respond to your legal problems
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